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Subject[PATCH] lmLogOpen() broken failure exit
Callers of lmLogOpen() expect it to return -E... on failure exits, which
is what it returns, except for the case of blkdev_get_by_dev() failure.
It that case lmLogOpen() return the error with the wrong sign...

Signed-off-by: Al Viro <>
diff --git a/fs/jfs/jfs_logmgr.c b/fs/jfs/jfs_logmgr.c
index 278e3fb..583636f 100644
--- a/fs/jfs/jfs_logmgr.c
+++ b/fs/jfs/jfs_logmgr.c
@@ -1123,7 +1123,7 @@ int lmLogOpen(struct super_block *sb)
bdev = blkdev_get_by_dev(sbi->logdev, FMODE_READ|FMODE_WRITE|FMODE_EXCL,
if (IS_ERR(bdev)) {
- rc = -PTR_ERR(bdev);
+ rc = PTR_ERR(bdev);
goto free;

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