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    SubjectRe: PROBLEM: ARM-dma-mapping-fix-for-speculative-prefetching cause OOPS
    Commit 2ffe2da3e follows v2.6.32, the message is from kernel build on
    commit 2ffe2da3e.

    The config has CONFIG_BUG=y and CONFIG_DEBUG_BUGVERBOSE=y, but the
    message is Oops, not BUG() macro, so they don't have line number.


    2011/6/30, Russell King <>:
    > These traces are from 2.6.32... And I assume have CONFIG_BUG unset
    > because you have no verbose bug reporting (it's not reporting the
    > file/line which is necessary to identify which BUG has been hit in
    > the raid code.)
    > Could you reproduce with CONFIG_BUG=y please?
    > --
    > Russell King
    > Linux kernel 2.6 ARM Linux -
    > maintainer of:

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