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    SubjectRe: KVM induced panic on 2.6.38[2367] & 2.6.39
    Am 03.06.2011 15:38, schrieb Brad Campbell:
    > On 02/06/11 07:03, CaT wrote:
    >> On Wed, Jun 01, 2011 at 07:52:33PM +0800, Brad Campbell wrote:
    >>> Unfortunately the only interface that is mentioned by name anywhere
    >>> in my firewall is $DMZ (which is ppp0 and not part of any bridge).
    >>> All of the nat/dnat and other horrible hacks are based on IP addresses.
    >> Damn. Not referencing the bridge interfaces at all stopped our host from
    >> going down in flames when we passed it a few packets. These are two
    >> of the oopses we got from it. Whilst the kernel here is .35 we got the
    >> same issue from a range of kernels. Seems related.
    > Well, I tried sending an explanatory message to netdev, netfilter & cc'd to kvm,
    > but it appears not to have made it to kvm or netfilter, and the cc to netdev has
    > not elicited a response. My resend to netfilter seems to have dropped into the
    > bit bucket also.
    Just another reference 3.5 months ago:


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