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SubjectRe: [E1000-devel] skb_over_panic: kernel BUG at net/core/skbuff.c:127!
On 06/27/2011 05:08 PM, Justin Piszcz wrote:
> Hi,
> Here's another crash: (see the dmesg, its right when powering the disks up)
> In this case, I was mkfs.xfs -f (some disks attached to a sata dock) over
> an Sil 3132 card, I disconnected the card and re-ran it w/ the on-board
> SATA controller and the problem no longer occurred (crashed repeatedly
> everytime with the NIC error), strange.
> In any case, will let you know if there are any further crashes after
> removing that PCI-e card.
> Justin.

One other thing you might try is downloading and installing our latest
igb driver from It looks like you are currently using the
in-kernel driver and it is possible that there may be differences
between the two that could resolve the issue you are experiencing.

If you are able to reproduce the issue with the Sourceforge driver then
that will provide valuable information. Once we have reproduced the
issue with the Sourceforge driver, we would be able to provide you a
debug driver so that we can narrow down this issue further.



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