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SubjectRe: [PATCH V2 0/3] Add drivers/pwm and drivers/pwm/st_pwm.c
On Tuesday 28 June 2011, Sascha Hauer wrote:
> >
> > Good question. If Sascha is able to come up with the patch to introduce
> > the generic layer, I think it would be good to have it go though him.
> Just posted a rebased and documented series again. Let's see what
> happens. The time seems good to finally get this into the kernel.

I'd say let's go forward with your framework. The two patches currently
because they both add Makefile/Kconfig files in drivers/pwm.

Maybe you can add Viresh's patch to your series, and wait for him
to follow up with a patch to convert it?

I've tried to blindly do the conversion myself, but got stuck with the
definition of the platform device that has multiple pwms in it.
I wonder if it would be better to change the st-pwm platform
interface to define one platform_device for each of them.


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