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    SubjectRe: w1/ds1wm regression after 2.6.39: "bus error, retrying"
    Oops, yes the msleep() had been left in. I've attached debug output from the original ds1wm.c. Not sure how the mailing list copes with bzip2 compressed attachments; hopefully it will work.


    --- On Sat, 25/6/11, Jean-François Dagenais <> wrote:
    > This seems to be the output after you have restored the
    > msleep. Could you provide it without so we can get a better
    > idea as to what happened. If indeed this is a major
    > regression for many devices, we'll have to submit a patch to
    > the main branch.
    > /jfd[unhandled content-type:application/x-bzip2]
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