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SubjectRe: [PATCH 02/12] vmscan: shrinker->nr updates race and go wrong
>> Looks great fix. Please remove tracepoint change from this patch and send it
>> to -stable. iow, I expect I'll ack your next spin.
> I don't believe such a change belongs in -stable. This code has been
> buggy for many years and as I mentioned it actually makes existing
> bad shrinker behaviour worse. I don't test stable kernels, so I've
> got no idea what side effects it will have outside of this series.
> I'm extremely hesitant to change VM behaviour in stable kernels
> without having tested first, so I'm not going to push it for stable
> kernels.

Ok, I have no strong opinion.

> If you want it in stable kernels, then you can always let
> know once the commits are in the mainline tree and
> you've tested them...

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