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Subject[PATCH 0/7] more writeback patches for 3.1

These patches are mainly seperated out from the original IO-less writeback
patchset. They are general useful as standalone improvements. This
series is based on the write bandwidth patches posted at

They'll appear in this git branch after a while, and be posted in one
single series for the next version.

git:// fs-writeback

[PATCH 1/7] writeback: consolidate variable names in balance_dirty_pages()
[PATCH 2/7] writeback: add parameters to __bdi_update_bandwidth()

dirty limits
[PATCH 3/7] writeback: introduce smoothed global dirty limit
[PATCH 4/7] writeback: introduce max-pause and pass-good dirty limits

write chunk size
[PATCH 5/7] writeback: make writeback_control.nr_to_write straight
[PATCH 6/7] writeback: scale IO chunk size up to half device bandwidth

dirty exceeded state
[PATCH 7/7] writeback: timestamp based bdi dirty_exceeded state


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