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SubjectRe: [PATCH] ACPI, APEI, Add APEI _OSC support
On Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 02:33:19PM +0800, Chen Gong wrote:
> >Using an Intel box I have over at RedHat, I was able to use this patch to
> >get error injection (EINJ) to provide me a GHES record. Prior to this
> >patch I would just get unknown NMIs.
> >
> >Talking with Matthew Garret, I guess it seems that uuids like this are
> >typical for ACPI.
> >
> >I can't speak for all the ACPI parts, but the patch looks simple and
> >corret from my perspective.
> >
> Interesting, but I can't reproduce it on our machines by now. Would you
> please share your test information such as machine type, BIOS
> version, and test method (such as what type error you inject) ?


#cat /proc/cpuinfo

processor : 23
vendor_id : GenuineIntel
cpu family : 6
model : 44
model name : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5670 @ 2.93GHz
stepping : 2
cpu MHz : 1596.000


Handle 0x0002, DMI type 1, 27 bytes
System Information
Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
Product Name: S5520UR
Version: ....................
Serial Number: ............
UUID: 57890342-6DA6-11DF-BD83-001517EE9AE8
Wake-up Type: AC Power Restored
SKU Number: Not Specified
Family: Not Specified

Handle 0x0003, DMI type 2, 16 bytes
Base Board Information
Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
Product Name: S5520UR
Version: E81084-751
Serial Number: BZUB02211743
Asset Tag: ....................
Board is a hosting board
Board is replaceable
Location In Chassis: Not Specified
Chassis Handle: 0x0004
Type: Motherboard
Contained Object Handles: 0

Handle 0x0005, DMI type 0, 24 bytes
BIOS Information
Vendor: Intel Corp.
Version: S5500.86B.01.00.0055.112620101923
Release Date: 11/26/2010
Address: 0xF0000
Runtime Size: 64 kB
ROM Size: 8192 kB
PCI is supported
PNP is supported
BIOS is upgradeable
BIOS shadowing is allowed
Boot from CD is supported
Selectable boot is supported
EDD is supported
3.5"/2.88 MB floppy services are supported (int 13h)
Print screen service is supported (int 5h)
8042 keyboard services are supported (int 9h)
CGA/mono video services are supported (int 10h)
ACPI is supported
USB legacy is supported
LS-120 boot is supported
ATAPI Zip drive boot is supported
Function key-initiated network boot is supported
Targeted content distribution is supported
BIOS Revision: 17.18
Firmware Revision: 0.0

mount -t debugfs debugfs /sys/kernel/debug
cd /sys/kernel/debug/apei/einj
echo 0x20 > error_type
echo 1 > error_inject
#should fail within one second

Let me know if you need more info.
By the way this is the only machine where this works. Other Intel
machines stopped producing NMIs when their BIOS was updated (before I got
the chance to validate this patch on them).


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