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SubjectRe: Change in functionality of futex() system call.
>> Off topic: current futex documentations are near terribly unclear and
>> many futex op are completely undocumented. They are one of root cause
>> that every change can make compatibility issue. (;_;
> What documentation are you referring to? The futex man page is a wreck,
> and I'm not sure what to do with it since glibc removed the futex()
> call. You now have to wrap the syscall manually anyway.

Honestly, I don't know linux man pages policy at all. example, gettid(2)
also need to be wrap syscall manually. and it's documented and NOTES section
describe "Glibc does not provide a wrapper for this system call; call it
using syscall(2)".

Or, if nobody want to update the doc, shouldn't we just remove futex(2) man
pages? out date docs are often wrong than nothing. I dunno.

> If you are referring to the futex.c file itself, I have been documenting
> functions as I modify them. If you found any of those lacking, please
> let me know which ones and I'll try to clean them up. If you're
> referring to those that remain undocumented, please send a doc patch and
> I'll review and help get it upstream. I'd like to see this improved as well.

No. I think the comments of futex.c are very good, at least, than a lot of mm code. ;)

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