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SubjectRe: iotop: khugepaged at 99.99% (2.6.38.X)
> You can already run "grep threshold /proc/zoneinfo" on the system
> where you reproduced the hang the last time (the one running
> the one with 1.5G of ram. They all should be well below 512 (so in
> theory not causing troubles because of the per-cpu stats, and with so
> few cpus it shouldn't have been such a longstanding problem anyway).

'grep threshold /proc/zoneinfo' returns nothing on this machine after
a reboot and before a crash. Did I tell it's a single core machine?

> If you didn't reboot that system after the last hang

I'm sorry, I already rebooted the machine.

> grep nr_isolated_anon /proc/zoneinfo
> nr_isolated_anon 0
> nr_isolated_anon 0
> nr_isolated_anon 0

Same here, on both machines. Both between reboot and crash.

> This patch may help you to reproduce much quicker,

I applied the patch. I plan to boot this kernel within the next hour.

> - sync_migration = !(gfp_mask & __GFP_NO_KSWAPD);
> + sync_migration = true;

This was already done in my


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