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    Subject[PATCH 0/7] Network namespace manipulation with file descriptors

    Today there are something things you can use namespaces to implement but
    the userspace code is unnecessarily complex and fragile because of
    limitations of the kernel interfaces.

    This patchset addresses the user interface limitations by introducing
    proc files you can open to get file descriptors that keep alive and
    refer to your a tasks namespaces. Those file descriptors can be passed
    to the new setns system call or the NET_NS_FD argument in netlink

    This patchset is sufficient to implement linux support for named network
    namespaces in iproute allowing vpns to be isolated in a network
    namespace where you don't have to worry about them conflicting with the
    rest of your network.

    This patchset is almost sufficient to remove the need for a daemon in a
    container to allow you to log in. Unfortunately a few of the namespaces
    are not ready to merge yet so I have left them out.

    Arch maintainers could you look over patch 7 and verify I have wired
    up this new system call correctly.

    These changes are also available at:

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