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SubjectRe: [PATCH 03/17] writeback: introduce writeback_control.inodes_cleaned
On Fri 06-05-11 11:08:24, Wu Fengguang wrote:
> The flusher works on dirty inodes in batches, and may quit prematurely
> if the batch of inodes happen to be metadata-only dirtied: in this case
> wbc->nr_to_write won't be decreased at all, which stands for "no pages
> written" but also mis-interpreted as "no progress".
> So introduce writeback_control.inodes_cleaned to count the inodes get
> cleaned. A non-zero value means there are some progress on writeback,
> in which case more writeback can be tried.
> about v1: The initial version was to count successful ->write_inode()
> calls. However it leads to busy loops for sync() over NFS, because NFS
> ridiculously returns 0 (success) while at the same time redirties the
> inode. The NFS case can be trivially fixed, however there may be more
> hidden bugs in other filesystems..
I think Christoph didn't like this patch
( and suggested that inodes_cleaned
should remain local to fs-writeback.c...


Jan Kara <>

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