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SubjectRe: [PATCH V4] tty/serial: add support for Xilinx PS UART wrote:
>>> Yes I'll have a look at it, sorry for the hassle.
>>> I'm assuming I need to try it against linus
>>> tree as something may have changed. Or some other tree?
>> Or you are assuimg NO_IRQ is defined everywhere which it isn't. The
>> kernel mainstream just uses zero as intended not a define for it.
>> Alan
> Ahh... maybe I see, it's only defined in ARM and that's what I was building
> for. I'm a little slow sometimes, but I'll get there.
> Gotcha, replace with 0. Thanks.

I don't agree with this change. NO_IRQ for microblaze, arm and other is -1. BTW:
For ppc is 0. Using NO_IRQ seems to me reasonable.

you are including linux/irq.h which include asm/irq.h for all platforms except
s390. I think that is better to find out where the real problem is instead of
using any hardcoded value.

If I look at xuartps_get_port function then you don't even need to initialize it
to NO_IRQ because if there is no IRQ connected driver is not probed. That's why
"port->irq = res2->start;" is enough.
I would suggest to completely remove that line from xuartps_get_port


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