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    SubjectRe: [ users] Turning off the incremental diff robot
    On 05/31/2011 01:04 PM, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
    > Are you talking about just*/incr/
    > or also about* and
    > Changelog-*?
    > I can see reasons to keep the latter, but not necessarily the former.

    The former only.

    >> Usecase one is zaurus, which is just not powerful enough for git, and
    >> usecase two are companies that only work with releases... ketchup is
    >> very useful for both.
    > For usecase one, is it possible to replace the download links with
    > links into ?
    > For usecase two, why wouldn't those be able to just download the entire
    > release tarball? At least, I would expect that there is no need for
    > the small incremental patches in their case, only for the full
    > inter-release patches.

    Zaurus I don't consider too important; anyone with a Zaurus is
    realistically going to have a real development platform on hand.


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