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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Fix corruption of CONFIG_X86_32 in 'make oldconfig'
    On Mon, 30 May 2011, Ted Ts'o wrote:

    > So I could imagine two ways of doing this. One would be a new file,
    > .config-fixed, that contains a series of "CONFIG_XXX=[ymn]" which
    > would have to be satisfied and which override what
    > allyesconfig/allnoconfig/randconfig would otherwise do.

    Which is apparently what KCONFIG_ALLCONFIG already does? It doesn't work
    for choices, but it's still fine for setting/clearing CONFIG_64BIT.

    We'll want to make it simpler to use - so you really can do something like
    make CONFIG_64BIT=n randconfig
    make CONFIG_64BIT=n allmodconfig
    make CONFIG_64BIT=y CONFIG_SATA_MV=y oldconfig
    etc. without having to create a text file. But that's not hard. A simple
    implementation might just *make* a file with the options on the command
    line and point KCONFIG_ALLCONFIG at it to start with, although there are
    probably cleaner ways to implement it.

    And then this legacy trick of using the obsolete $ARCH settings to
    override the setting of CONFIG_64BIT can be deprecated.


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