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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] depmod: Handle X.Y kernel versions
    On Mon, 30 May 2011, Michal Marek wrote:

    > Jon, could you please apply this patch and release a new
    > module-init-tools? Depmod otherwise fails when building a kernel with
    > version 3.0 (without the third number).
    > Linus, I'm affraid this ruins the plan for Linux 3.0. Except if you want
    > to force users to upgrade module-init-tools, with the excuse that 3.0
    > is a huge step forward and breakage has to be expected ;-).

    it just means you need to do 3.0.0 (with -stable doing 3.0.1) instead of
    3.0 -> 3.0.1

    David Lang

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