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    SubjectRE: [PATCH 4/4] x86, mce: Have MCE persistent event off by default for now
    > Ok, the problem I see with it is that people without a RAS daemon
    > running will have the mechanism collecting MCEs in the background, using
    > up resources (4 pages per CPU is the buffer) and not doing anything (in
    > the best case that is, when we're not broken otherwise).

    Can the kernel detect whether anyone is listening to the
    persistent MCE event? If so, then the kernel could printk()
    something to let the user with no RAS daemon (or a dead
    daemon) that stuff is happening that they might like to
    know about.

    Probably make some sense to delay such a message (so that in
    the boot case we give the daemon a chance to get started before
    complaining that it hasn't shown up for work).


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