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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] watchdog: add support for MOXA V2100 watchdog driver
    > Another thing that might be nice here is to have one module that probes
    > the superio-port and then registers a platform device that other drivers

    That doesn't help. See the it87 request_muxed patches pending. Because
    the port can be muxed we need to actually implement port muxing across
    the super I/O devices. That's a separate and larger problem altogether
    and this device will get fixed as we do the other so not a problem.

    > can can bind to. Right now, you have to load the module manually and
    > then check if it's there, something we no longer do for most devices.

    A lot of these super I/O devices have no entirely safe autodetect, and
    the same is true for it87 and many others. There isn't a nice elegant
    solution really.


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