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SubjectRe: perf: regression with PERF_EVENT_IOC_REFRESH

* Vince Weaver <> wrote:

> > suggest moving these usecases into 'perf test' or so - that it
> > gets run every day:
> you can feel free to install PAPI on your test machines and give it
> a run daily too. It's open source

Well, i gave you a suggestion of how to prevent such regressions in
the future, should you be worried about such regressions.

The standing upstream policy is that while we try to do a good effort
and obviously fix everything we find ourselves or which gets reported
to us, we cannot test everything so if you want us to fix bugs you
need to pick one or more of these options:

- run our code

- or help us build better tests, either to 'perf test' (or to LTP)

- or get your users to test recent upstream kernels for you

- or ignore us and deal with regressions whenever you get hit by them

Your choice really.



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