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    SubjectRe: [PATCH v6] fat: Batched discard support for fat
    Lukas Czerner <> writes:

    >> No, no. Userland will know max-length from statvfs, right? So, let's
    >> assume it is 100 (->f_blocks) * 1024 (->f_bsize).
    > You do not need to know the filesystem size to do the discard, it should
    > be adjusted within the kernel. Just specify ULLONG_MAX as a length. See
    > fstrim tool in util-linux-ng.
    >> Now, userland know about max length, 102400, ok? Let's start to trim.
    >> Assume, userland want to trim whole. So, userland will specify like
    >> trim(0, 102400).
    >> What happen in kernel actually?
    >> Current implement doesn't map blocks. So, in the case of FAT, it adjusts
    >> from 0 to 2 * 1024.
    >> So, it trims between 2048 and 102400. The problem is here. FS layout is
    >> actually, 2048 and (102400 + 2048). I.e. actually userland has to do
    >> trim(2048, 102400 + 2048)
    >> to specify whole. How to know 2048?
    > You do not need to know anything in userspace. If you want to trim the
    > whole filesystem you just do trim(0, ULLONG_MAX) - which is what fstrim
    > does when you do not specify range. And you just skip the filesystem
    > metadata obviously, regardless if they are at the beginning of the
    > filesystem or in the middle. Just do whatever you need to do within your
    > filesystem.
    > What we do in ext4 is, that we convert length and start passed in struct
    > fstrim_range into filesystem block units and then get the last
    > allocation group and block offset within that group (we do the same for
    > the start block) and we try to discard free block ranges in from staring
    > block to the last block.
    > It is really not a rocket science and since every filesystem is
    > different and has different internal data structures it is up to you how
    > to do this. And if you shift a block or two, it really does not matter
    > as much since user-land does not know about how the filesystem block are
    > laid out anyway, nor user land knows which are free and which are not.
    > I agree that the interface is a little bit fuzzy, but that is mainly
    > because it is intended to be filesystem independent and we do have a lot
    > of various filesystems, so I wanted it to be as flexibile as it should,
    > hence the start, len in Bytes.
    > Hope it helped.

    No. If you want to trim whole with some chunk like 1GB and periodically
    (IIRC in xfstest), what do? We have to trim until ULLONG_MAX for each

    OGAWA Hirofumi <>

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