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SubjectRe: kernel 2.6.39 (user mode linux) crashes (2.6.38 works fine)

Steven Rostedt wrote at 18:11:36
> > Wait! This is where we need the WARN_ON_SMP(), do we have that patch in?
> >
> > I think UML is UP, and that spin_is_locked() will always return false.
> Could you apply these patches:
> 2092e6be WARN_ON_SMP(): Allow use in if() statements on UP
> 29096202 futex: Fix WARN_ON() test for UP
> On top of this commit, and see if the problem goes away. What could have
> happened, is that you have two bugs, with one of them fixed. If the git
> bisect stumbled on this bug, it will show this one, even though later
> on, this code was fixed. If you apply the above two patches and it works
> again, then this isn't the bug you are looking for.
> -- Steve
Right - applying those 2 commits on top of v2.6.38-rc8-1-g2e12978 works - now
the issue is away.

And yes - now I've to look for the other of two bugs, which was introduced
between the tags v2.6.38 and v2.6.39, I think.

Is there's an easy way to check, whether a given checked out git tree contains
a specific commit id ?

Toralf Förster
pgp finger print: 7B1A 07F4 EC82 0F90 D4C2 8936 872A E508 7DB6 9DA3
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