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    SubjectRe: Can I/OAT DMA engineer access PCI MMIO space

    >> I try to use ioatdam to copy data from system memory to pci MMIO space:
    >> If dst points to a memory space, the operation would pass.
    >> But if dst points to a pci MMIO space, it failed with kernel oops.
    >> It seems the code:
    >> BUG_ON(is_ioat_bug(chanerr));
    >> in drivers/dma/ioat/dma_v3.c, line 365 cause the oops.
    >> Is there anyway to access pci MMIO space using ioat?
    >> The datasheet says that ioat supports MMIO access.
    > Did you map the IO memory in kernel using ioremap and friends first?
    yes, I had used 'ioremap_nocache' to map the IO memory and I can use
    memcpy to copy data to this region. The async_tx should have been
    correctly configured as
    I can use aync_memcpy to copy data between different system memory address.

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