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    Subject[PATCH 0/7] This patchset adds support for running Linux under the Freescale hypervisor,
    have hypervisor extensions (e.g. the P4080 which has an e500mc core).

    I think it makes sense for this patchset to go through Kumar Gala's -next
    branch, but I still need ACKs from various people on the parts that are
    not e500-specific.

    1. powerpc: make irq_choose_cpu() available to all PIC drivers
    2. powerpc: introduce ePAPR embedded hypervisor hcall interface
    3. powerpc: introduce the ePAPR embedded hypervisor vmpic driver
    4. powerpc: add Freescale hypervisor partition control functions
    5. powerpc/85xx: add board support for the Freescale hypervisor
    6. tty/powerpc: introduce the ePAPR embedded hypervisor byte channel driver
    7. drivers/misc: introduce Freescale hypervisor management driver

    Ben Herrenschmidt, please review/ack parts 1-3.

    Greg Kroah-Hartman, please review/ack part 6.

    Andrew Morton, please review/ack part 7.

    Thank you very much for looking at this patchset. I hope to have it included
    in 2.6.40.

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