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    SubjectRe: - uptime related crashes?
    Hello all,

    On 01:56 Mon 16 May , Faidon Liambotis wrote:
    > > and Peter Zijlstra asked there, whether reporters systems were running
    > > some RT tasks. Then I realised that all of my four crashed boxes were
    > > pacemaker/corosync clusters and pacemaker uses lots of RT priority
    > > tasks. So I believe this is important, and might be reason why other
    > > machines seem to be running rock solid - they are not running any RT
    > > tasks. It also might help with hunting this bug. Is somebody of You
    > > also running some RT priority tasks on inflicted systems, or problem
    > > also occured without it?
    > No, no RT tasks here. The boxes in my case were just running a lot of
    > kvm processes.

    Actually we are running multipathd, which is an RT process and heavily loaded
    on these particular systems.


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