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    SubjectRe: [Resend PATCH] package: Makefile: fix perf target bug
    On 12.5.2011 23:38, matt mooney wrote:
    > On Thu, May 12, 2011 at 2:20 PM, Michal Marek<> wrote:
    >> On 12.5.2011 23:07, matt mooney wrote:
    >>> 2011/5/12 Michal Marek<>:
    >>>> Neither git archive not git rev-parse need the work tree, --git-dir=..
    >>>> is sufficient.
    >>> Are you sure?
    >> Yes.
    >> $ cd /tmp
    >> $ git --git-dir=$HOME/linux-2.6/.git rev-parse HEAD
    >> e0a04b11e4059cab033469617c2a3ce2d8cab416
    > You are right about that command, but it doesn't use the source tree.

    Yes, neither git rev-parse nor git archive use the work tree. That's
    what I tried to explain to you in my first mail.

    > Do a git --git-dir=$HOME/linux-2.6/.git status from /tmp and see what
    > happens.

    That's irrelevant, I only talked about archive and rev-parse.

    > So do you want me to send a new patch without --work-tree= in git rev-parse?

    And in git archive.


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