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    Subjectdl2k/stmmac patches (was Re: [PATCH 2/2] net/dl2k: Don't reconfigure link @100Mbps when disabling autoneg @1Gbps)
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    Hi all,

    An update on the patch series I posted earlier (dl2k/stmmac autoneg
    minor changes: see my posts on 05/09/11 17:19 PST)...

    I'd suggest dropping the patch concerning dl2k, as I don't have any way
    to claim it's any good at all (though I'm pretty confident it doesn't
    make things any worse).

    However, for the other patch of the same series (stmmac), please
    consider for inclusion the new version prepared by Giuseppe instead of
    my initial patch, for his version readily integrates my patch and has
    been tested on real hardware:
    stmmac: don't go through ethtool to start auto-negotiation
    stmmac: fix autoneg in set_pauseparam

    Thank you!

    On 05/11/11 02:47, Florian Weimer wrote:
    > * David Decotigny:
    >> Tested: module compiling, NOT tested on real hardware.
    > To my knowledge, dl2k is broken. Some sort of synchronization
    > primitives are missing. Under load, the NIC's notion of ring buffer
    > status diverges from the host's view. 8-(

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