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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1] deb-pkg: fix cross-compile build
On 5/12/11 12:45 PM, Nuno Subtil wrote:
>> The debian/control file for an unpatched scripts/package/builddeb would
>> assign 'i386' instead of 'amd64'.
> That seems wrong to me. Were the resulting packages actually usable on amd64?

I modeled my patch after behavior I saw in the unpatched script. I had
also originally set x86_64 to amd64 with the exact results I get with
your patch. So, I looked at what the unpatched kernel was doing, which
is putting i386 in those fields when building for x86_64 on an i386
machine. I don't know the results would actually run because I don't
have an x86_64 myself. It may not run, but it does build.



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