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    SubjectRe: [path][rfc] add PR_DETACH prctl command
    05.04.2011 19:15, Oleg Nesterov wrote:
    > I don't understand the "and not is a child on init's subthread".
    > If the child was created by init's sub-thread, it is the child
    > of the whole thread group.
    > ->real_parent points to thread, yes.
    OK, sorry, I thought you mean the CLONE_PARENT case, where
    the real_parent points _not_ to thread. That's why the confusion.

    > But the parent is the whole
    > process, not thread. The only reason for this oddity is __WNOTHREAD.
    OK, now I see what problem you are pointing to.
    Will fix.

    >> How? I think I prevented that with this:
    >> ---
    >> + p->detaching = 0;
    >> + continue;
    > Yes, thanks, I didn't notice "continue". But then this is wrong again.
    > This can race with wait_task_detached() called by our sub-thread, it
    > can clear ->detaching before we check it.
    But the above code is under write_lock_irq(&tasklist_lock), so why
    would it race?

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