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SubjectRe: [PATCH] posix-timers: RCU conversion
Le lundi 04 avril 2011 à 11:08 -0700, john stultz a écrit :
> On Sun, 2011-04-03 at 18:54 +0200, Eric Dumazet wrote:
> > Andrew, I submitted this patch some time ago and got no feedback from
> > Thomas, John, Richard or Paul.
> Sorry about that. Its been on my list.
> It looks ok to me, but I not very familiar with idr locking rules
> (though looking at the code the comments state that idr_find can be
> safely called the way you do here).

Not only comments, but ipc uses rcu locking as well ;)

Nadia Derbey did the work on idr and ipc in commits :

(ipc: call idr_find() without locking in ipc_lock())

(idr: make idr_find rcu-safe)

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