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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] staging: r8712u: Fix driver to support ad-hoc mode
    > clemens fischer:

    > > Jeff Chua:
    > > On Sat, Apr 30, 2011 at 6:25 AM, clemens fischer
    > > <> wrote:
    > > > whereas "r8712u" has only DHCP offers in the logs but no ACKs.
    > >
    > > Are you saying you're seeing dhcpd being offered in the log? Please
    > > post the log from the time your mobile starts up the r8712u.
    > Presently I cannot reproduce this peculiar situation. The win-CE
    > device provides next to nothing regarding helpful logs, but I know
    > that it said "connected" at various occasions without any link being
    > active. Also, it seems DHCP leases are not verified, instead the
    > remaining lease time being taken for granted.

    Whatever I did late in the past night: sleeping ten hours helped a lot!

    I can now confirm that "r8712u" works in Ad-hoc mode using
    "wpa_supplicant(8)", it gets its IP from DHCP, connects everywhere and
    lets me get spam and all that.

    I have a couple of fancy scripts overseeing things, much less intrusive
    than network-managers, but I disabled parts of them and did everything

    In the end it may well have been the windows-mobile device hanging on to
    its (dead) DHCP lease, but without that mobiles logs I won't know.

    I still wish "r8712u" would let me use wireless-tools/iwconfig, but
    I can live with "wpa_supplicant(8)".

    Thanks for your effort, guys!

    regards, clemens

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