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Subject[media] dib0700: get rid of on-stack dma buffers

since I got no reaction[1] on the vp702x driver, I proceed with the

There are multiple drivers in drivers/media/dvb/dvb-usb/ which use
usb_control_msg to perform dma to stack-allocated buffers. This is a bad idea
because of cache-coherency issues and on some platforms the stack is mapped
virtually and also lib/dma-debug.c warn's about it at runtime.

Patches to ec168, ce6230, au6610 and lmedm04 were already tested and reviewed
and submitted for inclusion [2]. Patches to a800, vp7045, friio, dw2102, m920x
and opera1 are still waiting for for review and testing [3].

This patch to dib0700 is a fix for a warning seen and reported by Zdenek
Kabalec in Bug #15977 [4].

Florian Mickler (2):
[media] dib0700: get rid of on-stack dma buffers
[media] dib0700: remove unused variable



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