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    SubjectRe: 2.6.39-rc5-git2 boot crashs
    At my reclamation thread about 2.6.39-rc3,4 crashs, I 
    informed that there was a reset-resistent change of the
    system after crashs, so that on subsequent boots (after a
    'primary' crash rather at the end of booting) it happened
    an early 'secondary' crash at the time of initializing
    ata0, with funny effects like that the grafic card (or
    anything else) was identified as an ata device, with
    subsequent 'read erros' on it and crash. This 'secondary'
    effect repeated and repeated and gone away only at booting
    with a normal kernel ( or But if
    afterwards booting again with 2.6.39-rc3 or -rc4 , then at
    the end of the boot it crashed, and at subsequent boots
    again continued this reset-resistent effect that it crasha
    again and again with ata0 problems, until I reboot with or , or waiting 5 minutes (perhaps until
    the memory discharged).

    All these problems dont happen with or

    Werner Landgraf

    On Fri, 29 Apr 2011 20:09:16 -0700
    Linus Torvalds <> wrote:
    > On Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 8:02 PM, Al Viro
    ><> wrote:
    >> Wait a bit; _can_ we get there with non-NULL
    >> iput(NULL) is a noop...  I don't think so, since
    >> is not called until after we initialize that list.
    >> Not that I'd object against taking that initialization
    >>earlier, of course,
    >> but there seems to be something else going on...  Which
    >>iput() it is?
    > Not something I can guess from the oops, sadly. Gcc has
    > everything into logfs_mount, and the "0x44f/0x5cc"
    >offset isn't very
    > helpful (with the same compiler version and config
    >options it would be
    > possible to figure it out).
    > But looking at it, logfs_init_mapping() is currently
    >called before
    > "s_freeing_list" is initialized, and it sets up at least
    > s_mapping_inode. So if anything fails between that point
    >and the point
    > where we initialize s_freeing_list, I think we're toast.
    > I didn't check the other inodes, but at least that one
    >does seem to be
    > potentially non-NULL. No?
    > Linus

    "werner" <>
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