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SubjectRe: re-enable Nehalem raw Offcore-Events support
On Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 8:25 PM, Andi Kleen <> wrote:
>> >  2.  Users are too stupid to use the raw functionality properly;
>> >      we should only allow a kernel-developer-approved small subset
>> >      of the features provided by the CPU as described in the intel
>> >      developers manuals.
>> >
>> > #2 seems like a gross misinterpretation of the whole "Linux gives you
>> > enough rope to shoot yourself in the foot" policy from days passed, but
>> > maybe things have moved on.
>> That's a gross misrepresentation of what Ingo has been saying on LKML.
>> Really, learn to work with relevant maintainers before you ask Linus
>> to revert something.
> Ingo may not have explicitely said (2), but at least his revert (disabling
> the raw interface users are asking for) is practically implementing (2).
> Actions speak louder than words.
> That is either you have a raw interface or you only have the cooked
> interface or you have both. Since he reverted raw only cooked
> is left, which is (2)
> I agree with Vince it's a bad policy.

So a maintainer reverts an ABI that he thinks needs more thought/work
before it's too late and we're stuck with it forever. Can you please
explain what's the problem here?

Asking Linus to revert the commit is short-sighted and doesn't solve
the problem. Learn to work with the maintainer and save yourself a lot
of trouble.
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