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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 090/173] USB: serial/kobil_sct, fix potential tty NULL dereference
    Hi Alan,

    On Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 10:29:03AM +0100, Alan Cox wrote:
    > I'm not sure why a .27 is still maintained to be honest


    Well, just like 2.4, because there are (a few, but real) users who depend
    on it. 2.6.27 was released just 2.5 years ago. There are many places where
    servers are deployed to run more than 3 years. With 2.6.32 getting more
    reliable nowadays, we could expect to see people deploying it now with
    the hope that their servers will still be maintained in 3 years, and we'll
    have this discussion again.


    > but the reality
    > is that the lack of tty refcounting on hangup in old kernels is
    > exploitable in many cases via vhangup() and other approaches combined
    > with lack of NULL page protection. In several places NULL tty means
    > NULL->method() is invoked which on an old kernel where a user process has
    > mapped user virtual address zero means you just got owned.

    I completely agree with this. This is why I first thought this patch
    alone was suitable. However in 2.6.27, DEFAULT_MMAP_MIN_ADDR is set
    by default, which substantially reduces the risk.

    > This is all well known stuff. SELinux will mitigate fairly effectively on
    > some vendors systems.
    > Alan


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