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    SubjectExpanding checkpatch for non-linux (specifically U-Boot) use
    Hi all,

    There has been a bit of discussion lately on the U-Boot mailing list
    regarding the use of checkpatch for U-Boot patches (see

    U-Boot uses the Linux coding style and checkpatch is therefore a very good
    tool for us to use to check style compliance. However, checkpatch has a few
    Linux specific checks which throw up false warnings for U-Boot patches like:

    WARNING: consider using kstrto* in preference to simple_strto*
    WARNING: Use #include <linux/$file> instead of <asm/$file>

    Also, checkpatch seems to be checking not only patched lines, but context
    lines as well. There is a policy for U-Boot patches to not intermix
    whitespace / code cleanup changes and functional changes in in the same
    patch. So to achieve zero warnings and errors, the submitter is forced to
    create an additional code-cleanup patch in addition to the functionality
    patch. The code cleanup can end up being significantly larger than the
    functionality change which discourages casual submitters.

    So I have a pretty simple question to ask of LKML - Will checkpatch patches
    to create a 'U-Boot' command-line option to explicitly filter out Linux
    specific warnings and errors ever be accepted into checkpatch, or will we
    be required to create and maintain a U-Boot specific version?

    P.S. If you could please keep the U-Boot mailing list Cc'd, that would be



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