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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] drivers: brcmaxi: provide amba axi functionality in separate module
    On 21 April 2011 16:38, Arend van Spriel <> wrote:
    > Would it be possible to make chipcommon driver optional (not doing the
    > initialization)?

    This would need to be done on a per-device/bus basis, at least for
    embedded. Consider the following setup (which is quite common for dual
    band routers):

    +- Common Core <- provides flash write access, GPIOs, watchdog, ...
    +- 802.11 Core <- for 2.4Ghz wifi
    +- PCIe Core
    + BCM43224
    +- Common Core
    +- 802.11 Core <- for 5Ghz wifi

    (I omitted any cores not relevant for the example)

    So eventually you want to able to drive both 802.11 cores, but can't
    exclusively claim both common cores.


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