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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 2.6.39-rc1-tip 12/26] 12: uprobes: slot allocation for uprobes
> Unrelated note: I'd prefer to see that page be READ+EXEC only once it
> has been mapped into the victim task. Obviously the portion of the code
> that creates this page and sets up the instructions to run is going to
> need write. Maybe this isn't feasible. Maybe this magic pages gets
> written a lot even after it's been mapped in. But I'd rather, if
> possible, know that my victim tasks didn't have a WRITE+EXEC page
> available......

AIUI the page never really needs to be writable in the page tables. It's
never written from user mode. It's only written by kernel code, and that
can use a separate momentary kmap to do its writing.


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