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    Subjectiotop: khugepaged at 99.99% (
    Hi there ...

    While running firefox (>50 open Tabs), khugepaged jumped to 99.99%
    (according to 'iotop'). I killed firefox and nearly all running
    programs but khugepaged was still at 99.99% IO while the system
    was almost idle. I waited about 10 minutes, no improvement, so
    I rebooted the machine.

    I observed this since 2.6.38 (I never run 2.6.37). This time the
    system was still responsive. When I observed the same thing with
    2.6.38.x (x<3), the system became unresponsive within minutes
    after khugepaged hit 99%, see

    All this happened five times since 2.6.38 became stable. It does
    not happen at boot time, but days (or weeks) later.


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