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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 03/18] x86 idle APM: deprecate CONFIG_APM_CPU_IDLE
    > We don't want to export the pm_idle function pointer to modules.
    > Currently CONFIG_APM_CPU_IDLE w/ CONFIG_APM_MODULE forces us to.

    So you could jsut compile it in ...

    > CONFIG_APM_CPU_IDLE is of dubious value, it runs only on 32-bit
    > uniprocessor laptops that are over 10 years old. It calls into
    > the BIOS during idle, and is known to cause a number of machines
    > to fail.

    It also works on lots of desktops from that era, more of which are still

    > Removing CONFIG_APM_CPU_IDLE and will allow us to stop exporting
    > pm_idle. Any systems that were calling into the APM BIOS
    > at run-time will simply use HLT instead.

    (which is btw what quite a few later APM implementations seem to do ;))

    > +What: CONFIG_APM_CPU_IDLE, and its ability to call APM BIOS in idle
    > +When: 2.6.40

    One release isn't enough time - it won't propagate out - you keep
    rushing, hurrying and pushing at this trying to do it fast.

    Why - its a sigle symbol export of minor ugliness, it doesn't justify the
    amount of hatred you are expending upon it.

    Give it a year, it doesn't cause any complexities I can see.

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