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SubjectRe: [path][rfc] add PR_DETACH prctl command [3/3]
On 04/19, Stas Sergeev wrote:
> 19.04.2011 21:20, Oleg Nesterov wrote:
>>>> do_signal_parent() must not return DEATH_REAP (this means that
>>>> leader->exit_signal becomes -1), but this can happen and this is bug.
>>> Could you please clarify this a bit: according to the comments
>>> in signal.c:
>>> ---
>>> * We are exiting and our parent doesn't care. POSIX.1
>>> * defines special semantics for setting SIGCHLD to SIG_IGN
>>> * or setting the SA_NOCLDWAIT flag: we should be reaped
>>> * automatically and not left for our parent's wait4 call.
>>> ---
>>> That's how I understand it: if DEATH_REAP is returned, the
>>> parent ignores SIGCHILD, and in this case I am not allowing
>>> it to read the detach code with wait(). What is the bug?
>> Indeed. But, once again, that is why do_notify_parent() expects the dead
>> tsk! Please note that if it returns DEATH_REAP it sets ->exit_signal = -1.
>> And this is _only_ allowed if the leader is already dead and we are going
>> to reap it.
> Ah, so, by saying "do_signal_parent() must not return DEATH_REAP (this means that
> leader->exit_signal becomes -1)", you actually meant
> "do_signal_parent(), when returning DEATH_REAP, must not
> set ->exit_signal = -1,


> because only do_notify_parent()
> can do that"?

because we can only do this if we are going to reap the task

> If so - will fix, thanks.

Stas, please do not trim CC. I am very glad Alan looked at this patch,
I hope he will participate. Better yet, add Linus too as I already asked ;)


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