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    SubjectRe: SDHCI: Ricoh [1180:e823] unable to mount MMC cards.
     On Thu, 31 Mar 2011 14:33:19 -0400, Chris Ball <> wrote:
    > Hi Manoj,
    > On Thu, Mar 31 2011, Manoj wrote:
    >> Card did not mount. New dmesg is attached.
    > Okay. There's nothing in the log about Ricoh, which probably means
    > that
    > it bailed out early in the function. You could add a printk to the
    > top
    > of ricoh_mmc_fixup_rl5c476() if you want to be really sure that the
    > code
    > there is getting a chance to run.
    > I think the likely conclusion is that:
    > (a) The Ricoh controller has a proprietary MMC function that is
    > stealing
    > MMC cards away from the SDHCI controller even though the SDHCI
    > could
    > read them if it had a chance to.
    > (b) We don't know how to turn the MMC controller off, because our old
    > method for doing so isn't working on this new 0xe823 model.
    > I'm adding a few people who've touched this code to CC: in case they
    > have any ideas on working out how to disable the MMC function. If
    > you
    > have contact with Ricoh directly or through a vendor, please ask them
    > for the PCI configuration writes needed to disable the MMC function
    > on
    > this model so that you can read MMC cards with the SD interface
    > instead.

    For what it's worth, I previously investigated a Dell e6400 with an
    and an 0x823 and even without the MMC function disabled, the SD
    would get the SD card. The machine I currently have access to just has
    the 0x822 function so I doubt it can be used to prove anything.

    I was under the impression they'd changed the priority of the
    (and probably requiring the MMC driver to set a flag to make it steal


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