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    SubjectRe: [RFC 2/2] Make x86 calibrate_delay run in parallel.
    On 03/31/2011 02:29 AM, Robin Holt wrote:
    > I don't see how this patch would affect that. Has this been tested on
    > a multi-core intel cpu? I will try to test it today when I get to the
    > office.

    Yes. I tested on our 8 sockets 10 cores intel cpu system and 8 cores system.
    looks getting correct result.

    > Additionally, it takes the bogomips value from being part of an output
    > line and makes it a separate line. On a 4096 cpu system, that will mean
    > many additional lines of output. In the past, we have seen that will
    > cause a considerable slowdown as time is spent printing. Fortunately,
    > that is likely not going to slow things down as a secondary cpu will
    > likely be doing that work while the boot cpu is allowed to continue with
    > the boot. Is there really a value for a normal boot to have this output?
    > Can we remove the individual lines of output and just print the system
    > BogoMips value?

    that is easy. just update print_lpj.

    static void __cpuinit print_lpj(int cpu, char *str, unsigned long lpj)
    static bool printed;

    if (printed)

    pr_info("CPU%d: Calibrating delay%s"
    "%lu.%02lu BogoMIPS (lpj=%lu)\n", cpu, str,
    lpj/(500000/HZ), (lpj/(5000/HZ)) % 100, lpj);

    /* only print cpu0, and cpu1 */
    if (cpu)
    printed = true;

    current printing is for debug purpose, So we don't need to waiting the booting get done.
    just checking it serial console.



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