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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/9] x86 idle cruft removal - v2

* Alan Cox <> wrote:

> We don't care if it doesn't work on a few machines (in fact we have
> a table to avoid that), we care that it *DOES* work on lots.
> Removing it probably isn't a bad thing long term, but it's not appeared in
> the deprecated list and has not been there for several releases so it is
> not eligible for removal at this point.
> People spent years getting Linux to support all this hardware and
> throwing bits out left right and centre to tidy up your current project
> is not the way it should be done.
> So can we do this properly please. We have a process for good reason.
> Deprecate it properly

Ok, agreed. Len, mind delaying this patch for a few releases?

> Add a printk/WARN_ON() indicating to the user it is deprecated but we
> will continue, and then give it a couple of releaes. will
> help answer whether that WARN_ON was hit.

Yeah, also add a -stable backport so that older kernel users have a chance to
notice faster.



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