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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/9] x86 idle: remove NOP cpuinfo_x86.hlt_works_ok flag

* Alan Cox <> wrote:

> > Do we know whether a distro adds this to the boot line? Do we know about users
> > relying on it.
> I certainly had hardware that needed it. Don't any more but this is more
> trying to rip out stuff without letting nature take its course.
> It's a trivial feature item.


> > > Do we really need both?
> >
> > Probably not, as i said i do not disagree - i just think it should be more
> > explicit. Make it a: "users of CPU models X beware" commit title, not 'remove
> > inactive code' ...
> Just make the one config variable respond to both boot configuration
> options. The parser is __init code anyway so discarded so the actual code
> cost of compatibility is exactly NIL.

Yeah, agreed.

Btw., we used to auto-detect broken HLT systems IIRC - but that got lost
already. We should at least honor the boot parameter.



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