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SubjectRe: In_fridge_ment?
On 24/03/2011 23:18, Alan Cox wrote:

> Chuckle.. the left hand one does indeed look a little tuxlike but more
> worrying is the unfortunate placing of the stick which means it looks like
> its taking a crap.

Or impaled ;) MS Propaganda, hell yeah ;)

> The other one indeed also looks like the crystal tux
> Tux however isn't just a Linux penguin. If you read the blurb Larry said
> "Permission to use and/or modify this image is granted provided you
> acknowledge me and The GIMP if someone asks. "
> So he's sort of CC-BY, only he's older ;)

Well, people who use it on shirts, I understand they can read ;)
Ice lollies designers - I don't know any of this sort, so I can't say...
Oh well they probably use some sorts of computers too ;)

> He's been legitimately used in all sorts of things including an ice rink
> advert!

Well this more-Tux-like is more like a parody but that may be down to production process too.

If I wasn't thinking this image is a little bit offensive, it would be a nice logo for a pun...

> Alan


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