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SubjectRe: [PATCH] docs: update the development process document
* Jonathan Corbet <>:
> @@ -287,25 +293,14 @@ Some information about linux-next has been gathered at:
> -How the linux-next tree will fit into the development process is still
> -changing. As of this writing, the first full development cycle involving
> -linux-next (2.6.26) is coming to an end; thus far, it has proved to be a
> -valuable resource for finding and fixing integration problems before the
> -beginning of the merge window. See for
> -more information on how linux-next has worked to set up the 2.6.27 merge
> -window.
> -
> -Some developers have begun to suggest that linux-next should be used as the
> -target for future development as well. The linux-next tree does tend to be
> -far ahead of the mainline and is more representative of the tree into which
> -any new work will be merged. The downside to this idea is that the
> -volatility of linux-next tends to make it a difficult development target.
> -See for more information on this topic, and
> -stay tuned; much is still in flux where linux-next is involved.
> +Linux-next has become an integral part of the kernel development process;
> +all patchs merged during a given merge window should really have found


> +their way into linux-next some time before the merge window opens.
> +

Apart from that, looks great to me :)

Best regards,
Nicolas Kaiser

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