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SubjectRe: procfs: boot- and runtime configurable access mode for /proc/<pid> dirs
On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 05:09:44AM +0100, Daniel Reichelt wrote:
> the attached patch enhances the procfs code to allow for modification of
> /proc/<pid> dir access modes. It does so
> - by hard-wiring (.config) a boot-time default mode (555, 550 or 500)
> - which can be overriden by a boot parameter piddir_mode
> - and also introduces an inode /proc/piddirs (644) which enables
> runtime-configuration (already existing pid-dirs will be updated on next
> access)

> Let me know what you think and please CC me on replying.

Keeping u/g/o inside kernel is horrible.

What is the usecase? Content of /proc/* is identical.

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