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SubjectRe: check device_create_file() return code in usb_create_sysfs_intf_files()
On (03/24/11 10:55), Alan Stern wrote:
> > I just noticed that usb_create_sysfs_intf_files() ignores device_create_file()
> > return code and sets intf->sysfs_files_created to 1, even if sysfs_add_file_mode()
> > returned -ENOMEM (or later sysfs_add_one() returned -EEXIST).
> >
> > Shouldn't we check retval for 0 before setting intf->sysfs_files_created?
> No. We want this routine to succeed even if the sysfs files can't be
> created. The interface string attribute is more or less optional.
> It would be okay to add a comment explaining this, so that other people
> don't make the same mistake (which has already happened -- you're not
> the first).

Thanks. Sorry for the noise then.
Well, in that case, I guess, `int retval;' can be removed, since it's

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