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SubjectRe: [PATCH] eeepc-wmi: Add support for T101MT "Express Gate" key
On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 8:40 AM, Corentin Chary
<> wrote:
>> I would suggest sending BTN_HOME upon button release 0xe5 (not press
>> 0xe4 and do the autorelease because of it) and BTN_PROG2 on
>> press-and-hold 0xea.
>> If you press-and-hold, does it still send the 0xe5 upon release?  That
>> could complicate things so that both button events do not get sent.
>> I'm not sure what BTN_HOME is commonly used for.  This button does
>> sound like a HOME button in iPad sense but not in web browser sense.
> Except the fact that I don't find BTN_HOME in inpout.h, that's seems a
> better idea, forget what I've said earlier.

Ha... Sorry, I had buttons on my brain. I meant KEY_HOME as you suggested.

> 0xe4 -> KEY_IGNORE
> 0xe5 -> KEY_HOME
> 0xea -> KEY_PROG2, (or BTN_TASK to copy android/iOS ?)

From a quick google, I couldn't finding any specific meaning of
BTN_TASK but it looks like xf86-input-evdev turns it into a button
press so we may not want that one.

I've no idea of best values but those are pretty close.

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